Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back in Black

So I am back,, I took a bit of a break there, I have been a tad busy with things - lots to update tho... mmmm lemme see.. I have continued with my boot camps and training and life coaching still loosing weight like mad.. I just gave a load of clothes to another friend who has joined the JADE train so that felt good, also bought hot coffee for a couple of people sitting on the sidewalk asking for change, they were really happy for it so it made me happy to provide it, you have to give back like that, its considered an act of thanks to the universe.

OH yeah I am very happy to hear momma Vince made it through her stuff and am happy she is having a healthy recovery..

My Mom and Dad AND sista are coming down in a couple of weeks for 5 mad man shopping days WHOOP .. I even got my boss to buy an extra ticket for my sister to a Work christmas party that I need to attend so while they are here bon and I get to get all dolled up and go out for dinner and dancin I am super excited it should be fun.

just a quick few pics of the success - these are from Last Friday night at the Vancouver Aquarium Toast to the Coast.