Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The run - the finish - the results - the recovery

Okay so it has definitely been a while since i last posted, i think being busy and recovering has just been enough to fill each day.

As you know i did my very first 10k it was AMAZING!! I completed it in 1 hour 5 min. I am so proud of myself for doing it and completing the whole thing running! I far surpassed my January goal of being able to run for 45 min on the sea wall. In fact I have surpassed a couple of my goals, my fitness goal is well on its way.

But i am feeling a need for a bit of a change, of coarse after my run i didn't slow down, i went to boot camp on the Tuesday and training on the Wednesday, which resulted in me missing a day of work on Thursday to recover, this was the start of the changes. its like the run broke me and now things are going to change. First i finally got my raise on Friday ! WHoop!

Some one also mentioned to me that i have spent a lot of money on my new body and should be showing it off...very true.. so this has got me thinking also, yesterday i wore a cute little hat, and a nice belt around my waist, and let me tell you anyone who has experienced any weight issues or confidence issues would never ever be putting a big o'l belt in the area which you constantly are trying to hide. so that was a big step for me,and i am getting used to this shinny new body, i think this is the first time EVER i actually feel delicate and petite.

anyhow so i am thinking about a couple of changes in my current routine, i would like to spend a bit more time on my mental health and spiritual health and swing the pendulum back a bit. i am so happy with the results of my physical health and want to continue to shape and loose, but i would also like to spend a bit of time with my camera and my paints and my books. I think i got really got excited about my physical changes and pushed the pendulum a bit far to that side, i forgot to check in with myself on where i was at with energy levels and mental state.

anyhow, i will keep you updated on where things are at.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

cant come up with a title today :)

Alright, so I had a block and didn't know what to call this post. But I do have some updating to do for sure, last I posted was my birthday, We had our pool party - which was way to friggen cold to be in the pool so we all ended up at the apartment. It was great though so many people showed and it was like they came in waves so there was constantly people here.

My good friend whom I have been spending ridiculous amounts of time with and yet not dating didn't show, apparently there were very important things. Whatever.. basically since they didn't show up I was that's it no more, I have been here before and I am done with you!!

Needless to say thank you universe because i decided to go out that night, a lil dancing for my birthday wouldn't hurt, so we headed off to library square but it was just so dead looking in there we decided to head over to the Roxy - now the Roxy can be so much fun and really the old bec really liked it there cause it was like for sure * if she wanted it. the old bec almost got it too! but the new bec the one that has been doing her homework, and focusing and breathing and realizing what she really really wants walked away!

as I was walking away and heading out to go home, I stopped to talk to a gentleman who I had made eye contact with earlier but never talked to. Turns out he was delightful!!! we talked for like 20 min outside and I gave him my # .. Monday morning I get the first txt.

since then I cant even tell you how many txt we have exchanged back and forth, we have been talking on the phone and once my race is done He will be taking me on our first date.!!!!!!!!!

This guy is great! sweet and kind, so funny he has an infectious laugh . oh man ....

anyhow that is how the universe works for me, this is really the closest thing i have had to a relationship since Smithers and i love it!! i am so looking forward to all the rest of it.

Holla universe ahhh thank you again.

oh yeah - ps on Monday the 12th I plan to run my first 10k - I think I have posted about it