Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just do

Wow I missed yesterdays blog post, I had such a long day. Got up later, around 6.30 was at work by 8 and I had a work event last night so I got home at 8pm a full 12hours of work.. wow.. I had wanted to do laundry this morn but forget it, I slept from 9pm till 7am this morn.. but I have to say this is the first time in a while I feel like I have my energy back. This past couple of weeks, I got pretty lazy with my life coach stuff and pretty much everything in general and really I think its because I really just needed to rest up.

I am excited to have found out yesterday that I might be able to right my exam to be a Registered Interior Designer sooner than I had originally thought, that would be great. I am also excited its started to rain today, not weenie rain, big rain, this means fall is coming I LOVE fall, and it also means that I can get back into my books, September just feels like the right time to study!!

Anyhow gots to get back to work, long day again today and ending it with training!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


So as I mentioned yesterday, there has been a lot of realization for me and a lot more awareness in the past couple of months. All of this awareness and thinking has been gobbling up energy which is good because its energy that I am using to invest in myself. But for the past forever I have been using my energy to run all kinds of babble around in my head, needless to say I have been extremely sleepy this weekend. I have had tons of offers to go places and do stuff, but for the most part I have been declining and staying in this weekend.

Today's plans are pretty simple, well first my coffee and of course blog, I need to deposit my paycheck and purchase my groceries, do all my food prep for the week, read my book and I am guessing have a nap. Seems like a great day to me!

I am also thinking that all of this sleeping and re-energizing is in preparation for what the universe is bringing me next, I have a feeling that all at once my career and my personal life and relationships are going to get very busy and there will be some changes and big projects. For work this is what happens in September, the phones all start ringing around the 1st because people realize its 4 months till Christmas and if their aunt Layla is coming they need to renovate their kitchen baths and guest bedrooms. Also for work we are 4 weeks out from the Georgies, these are big awards in the Renovation business, and they take a LOT of work to prepare.

In personal, I know that starting Tuesday I am upping my fitness to twice a week with one life coaching on Thursdays, this is great, I have been loosing lots of weight still and trimming up but its like we are at the last 10- 15 pounds and its going to have to take extra effort to get there. I have also been feeling that there are going to be big changes in me, I have been working on all of my life coach stuff and I really feel that I have been cocooning or resting up for big changes. I can feel it in my body.

Since my birthday is in September I always feel it is where my year begins. So I am going to celebrate today, rest up, and say bring on September, bring on the changes.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

New updates and posts coming

So I have neglected this for quite some time, but I really feel that this revisit to my blog will stick. I have some time in the mornings now since my new phone delivers my emails directly to me all day long I no longer need to get up in the morning and check to see whats in my inbox, in fact I can see all my emails, facebook and tweets before I open both eyes. Its been a bit of a daily habit to get up in the morning and check emails while I enjoy my coffee but now I can update my blog!!

I am also going to start using this as more of a journal, I am pretty sure that Magda is the only one who reads it anyhow so really whatever I put in here is only for me.

This summer / year has been an interesting one, amazing no doubt.. there has just been lots happening in my life. I have still been doing lots of life coaching and training, my life coaching has been back and forth, I have progressed leaps and bounds this summer but have still been falling back every now and then. I have a strong sense that those fall backs are done, this past couple of weeks have been really powerful for me in my realization and awareness. I have been practicing being present, I had no idea before what this feeling could be since I don't believe I had ever been fully present before. I had thought that I was, and even now I am sure there is even more to learn about being present and taking charge of the NOW.

I have been discovering a lot about myself and who I am and what I truly believe in. I have been reading 7 Habits for highly Effective People - Steven Covey for the second time, I read it the first time last year, at that time I was still going at everything so fast and I only applied and absorbed the information that I wanted to and applied it to work, funny though because it says right on the front of the book powerful lessons in personal change.

Since I have started to read it for the second time there is so much in the book that I never before got, and it is really opening my eyes as to what I have been doing my whole life and how I can change so many things in how is see and do everything. In fact for the most part it has NOTHING to do with work, its all about being present and effective with your self.

Its been these last two books, this one and the previous The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that have hit me hard this summer, I wasn't aware before how much energy I had been using on mindless thoughts and riff raf in my head. I have always run things around in my head a hundred times and over thought most situations, lots of energy spent on things that haven't even happened or things that ever will, I was wasting my energy on things that I had no reason to be worrying about or had any control over.

So needless to say in the past couple of weeks with this new information I have been thinking lots about the things that should be in my life, now the step is to apply, and do. This is where my blog / journal comes in. Its important for me to keep writing and journals to keep all of this new active in my life. Today I am also going to begin writing my personal mission statement, its been on my mind lots this week and well today is the day it comes out.

Today's Quote from my book - "The unique human capacities of self-awareness, imagination, and conscience enable us to examine first creations and make it possible for us to take charge of our own first creation, to write our own script. Put another way, Habit 1 says, "You are the creator" Habit 2 is the first creation."

Nothing works unless you work it.