Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I would like to shout out to everyone (even though they may never see this) For all the amazing love, support and birthday wishes! I feel blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Birthday its my Birthday - soon

AHhh haaaaaaa it's my birthday on the 29th and this weekend I have decided to throw a pool party birthday BASH!!! I am very excited it will be the last day the pool is open in my building so what the hey have a party for that too..

Dee your so invited - I wish you could come
Magda so invited - doubt you come but I know you would if you could get across the water in 24 hours. :)

so I will be taking lots of photos and creating lots of gossip which should fill a few posts over the next few days.... keep checking...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Message

Happy Birthday TOOOOOOOOOOOO you Happy birthday TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you Happy birthday DeEAAAAAAAAAAR mAAAAAAAAAAGGDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAA.... (breath) Happy Birthday toooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

So for you today Magda I present you with a few photos I have of us - or just you - I don't think you know about the first one, I drew this about 8 years ago. One thing I want to make sure is that you - Magda - know that I love you and you still maintain at the very top of my pedestal.... ---------------------------------hugs----------------------------------------

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clamshell Sit Ups!

Okay so here is the deal with the Clamshell Sit Ups, THEY ROCK! they don't hurt while your doing them but OMG the next day incredible results and pain... all good. So with Magda inquiring I have done a few shots.. mind my living room I had to be creative here with the 10 sec timer on my camera.

So sit with the bottoms of your feet together, as if you were stretching,

Lay down on your back with your arms straight in the air above your chest - palms together - feet still in the same position -

and you sit up extending past your feet stretching forward - this is where the money is! this extra little extension is whats going to get the job done. Since your not using your feet or legs at all your entire core is working here
Do 20 - 20- 20 for a few days then do 20-40-20
let me know how it works out.. your going to LOVE them..


Alright, so I have been putting a few things out into the universe for a while now, 1- I wanted to have a pay increase at work - I work my but off and get half of what the other designer gets - given he is more of a senior designer but there is a ton more I do. Nevertheless I am grateful for the opportunity I had to discuss my wages with my boss yesterday. I got a 10% raise which is pretty damm good.

I have also been talking to the universe about my 10k coming up in a couple of weeks - my very very first 10k -- in fact so new that it was only 3 days ago I was only able to run for 15min at 4.5 on the treadmill, Tuesday I am happy to say I did 30 min at 5.0 and thank you very much yesterday I did 5k at 5.0-5.3 THIS IS HUGE in my world. not only was I doing these runs, but I am still in boot camp and training so there is all kinds of strength training on top of that-

yesterdays HRM read
Duration 1.23 hours
in the zone 1.08 hrs
AVG HR 150
Max HR 186
Calories 811


My knees are a bit sore today, and from the boot camps and training my abs - we are doing these things called clam shell sit ups OMG killer cause you cant feel them when your doing them you could go all day but killer the next day.

I keep spinning a few affirmations in my head as I run and as I go through each day right now - Dr Wayne Dyer says
" there is no such thing as stress - it doesn't exist - you can prove to me that stress exists - go out and bring me back a bucket of stress- doesn't happen! Its a trick our brain plays with us."
so going through my head is - where is my bucket of pain - where is my bucket of tired - I surrender to the universe -

I surrender to the Universe- keep bringing IT!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today I went down to Winners to check out some shoesand ran into the CCMA awards fanfest on Granville St, so I ended up hanging out for like 3 hours today watching Johnny Reid, Jessie Farrell, Aaron Pritchett, Doc Walker, Shane Yellowbird, Deric Ruttan, Tara Oram, Dean Brody, Steven Lee Olsen, The Higgins, Jason Blaine, One More Girl, Ridley Bent, Victoria Banks, Terri Clark, JD Bigsby, and so many more LIVE - what a day!! Then met up with Jade and Stephanie and checked out Kathy Frank up on Main st!! my amazing musical day!

Thank you universe!

Divine Guidance


I have this great new revolving calender, it has no day of the week on it just the date so I can re-use it every year and it is all quotes from D. Wayne Dyer. LOVE IT it makes each morning a lil reminder...

so I have been working on stuff - doing alright, I need to be putting a bit more effort into this running deal, I really say I take it seriously but have been feeling like I am lying a bit.. its like on some things I go forward all the time and some I go back..

I have been doing boot camp though, the last time was Tuesday, Wednesday was life coach,, good session! I have been that I can no longer be telling everyone to F*ck off... COME ON... I know its cause I don't need to be burning bridges all around me and having everyone think I am a horrible person....

I was at the Western Living Designer of the Year Awards on Thursday, very fun, first when I went to go get changed to go I discovered none of my pants fit- now this is a good thing, ,, but when you only have 2 min to find pants and NOTHING will stay on your hips... you start to curse a little... needless to say I ended up rocking a grey skirt and tall black boots with my blue top it all worked out...

oh yeah the other thing I learned is that with all the weight loss, I am in a new weight class for having some drinks... yeah couple of glasses of wine, one beer and one caesar - oh and maybe a shot but over the course of 6 hours... I know I know all the mixing but seriously I was always the person who did a shot with every drink just to keep up to people - and I woke up on Friday with an ugly hangover... wTF. lesson learnt!

Last night went to a BBQ for a friends birthday, fun fun, I was tested again by the universe, an individual from my work, who has been pushing up on me, txt me last night and wanted to know if I was still at my friends - my first beer induced thought was mmmmmm maybe... my reality thought was NONONONONONONONO so I txt back and said I was already leaving and headed home - g-night... GOOD GIRL bad that I txt back but at least I stopped it there.

tonight tonight is going to be the most fun!! I accidentally double booked myself again to be at 2 places at the same time - again one in Vancouver and one way way out there - did it the time I was supposed to be at Dees to see Magda and booked a book club meeting at my place the same day. SO tonight I am supposed to be out in New west for my good friend shayla's birthday but realized I booked all these plans to go out with Jade and group - i booked it - to see a blues band play at main st. so unfortunately because New west is not in reach for me and i don't have a car and i don't have a place to stay - its going to have to be another time for me to be out in NW. So tonight its blues night with jade and Stephanie and hopefully Todd.

I will take my camera so I can get some shots of the evenings events.

look forward to another HRM update - i plan to run today.

Monday, September 7, 2009

lil HRM update

I was out in Richmond this morning for the 6am boot camp.. today's totals
48 min total
48 min in the zone
avg HR 149
max HR 184
calories 463.

This is fun, I am liking doing this, I have one more boot camp this week, Tues night at 6:15 I need to do some journal writing today, relaxing, I have cleaned my house 3/4 done. I have done so much this weekend it looks like I will have to do laundry again..

I will have something more enlightening to talk about soon..

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Thats right.. I bought a HRM.. very cool! My summary is as follows

richmond boot camp 48 min
in the ZONE 34 min
average HR 153
max HR 184
appox calories.. 476. wHOOp

Tomorrow morning.. 6:00am richmond boot camp..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

176 - 10k ... Tattoo? Progress Report! :)

So I have been thinking about doing this post for a few days but in the mornings, 5:00-5:30 am it just never happened and when I go to bed at night, is when I think, shoot I should blog, anyhow it has been on my personal task list for a few days. So here it is, I want to tell you about my 176- this is the new number that is showing up and dropping every time I step on the scale WHOOOP!!

The funny thing about this number is I distinctly remember the day I hit 176 when gaining weight, I remember thinking, aw man, 176 shoot I need to get this under control. NOPE didn't do it then... so when I stepped on the scale a few days ago and saw 176 I thought OMG seriously! WICKED! quite the contrast to the first time I saw this number pop up before me.

I have made a commitment to Run a 10k the Vancouver Turkey Trot actually, it is taking place on October 12 at Granville island. I have never run a 10K or any kind of group run/activity like this so I am quite stoked for it! I have joined Jades Boot Camp two nights a week @ 6:15. then I am still doing my Training/coaching sessions on Wednesdays. This week was week one of Boot camp... it turns out also a training Wednesday so my abs are screaming at me right now, and I still have this evening to complete RALLY THROUGH!

So with the 10k on the horizon I have made an agreement/goal with myself that when I finish the 10k - running - I get to get my next tattoo!! very exciting, I believe Jade is going to go with and get another as well! this is almost more motivating than the thrill of completing my first 10K but I figure if I can complete this one, whats stopping me!

Okay so I currently have one tattoo it is the symbol for Happiness, smile, laugh, on my back more solar plexus area, this new one is the Enlightenment/ inspiration it is going to go above it. whoop!! here are the images. ... mmm the only thing am wondering is if I can put the two symbols for enlightenment above one another??? Magda help me out sista!
can it go like this? with the other character below? My other question is would it mean something else with the three in a line? anybody?