Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taking care of your body

Last week at work I was helping a co-worker install a small sample sink in an island and I twisted my back, I didn't think it was too bad at first but as the day progresses it got worse, I ended up calling my Chiropractor (I have been going for years and let me tell you it helps) and getting an emergency appointment. She worked on me for about 10 min (long for chiro) and I was off, let me tell you, it HURT for the night, very very swollen back and sharp pains, the next day I stayed home from work to avoid any situations where I may re-injure myself (smart) and within two days I have made full recovery. I have another co-worker who has hurt her back two weeks ago, never sourced any chiropractor or Registered massage therapist and she is still taking high powered pain killers, my point, these people are here to help us. Use them.

I hear a lot about ohh bone crackers and massage doesn't work. Yes it does, the other thing that helps, exercises and stretching daily. I may not exercises daily right now, or even weekly at this moment but I stretch daily. I keeps our body's in shape so that when accidents do happen we can bounce right back. Now on the chiro bit, I have learnt a lot from my Chiropractor she makes sure to teach you why chiro works so well in the first place, well.. sorry to side step here, but apparently the information about chiro and subluxations are very controversial and not all chiropractors believe in it... mmm this may have to take some research and I will get back to you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Life, fitness, bob loblaw update

Funny that I should write this post today, I just read my friends Magda's and hers was all about how she hates Yoga.  I was just about to update how I have been doing Hot Yoga once a week and how much I love it. My fitness regime has picked up for sure, I am doing twice a week at the Gym anywhere from 30-45 min. I think in the last year I have been telling myself that I didn't have enough time, but the reality is there is enough time, 30-45 mins is better than 0 min. I am really enjoying the challenge again. I do have to say though that having had a personal trainer before has its benefits.  I can hear her in my head when doing my workouts pushing me to do another set, another push up 5 more, 1 more min. I wouldn't mind doing some more work with her once the opportunity arises. It would just be nice at least once a month to learn some new stuff.

Otherwise I am learning lots still at my job, It is definitely different than doing Design full time. I get to leave work at work. I was doing some design on the side, in the Mandarin community with a Design friend of mine. That is a line you must be careful with, working with friends and making friends at work and especially with bosses. Joy and I work well together we have an understanding. When it comes to business and issues, it is business, no personal allowed. I am currently dealing with a situation where in business an associate of Joy's is trying to pass the buck, place blame on everyone else, dodge her responsibilities. As a designer and strong personality I am not allowing it. She was emailing and phoning me to get my help to clean up her mess. I am not her babysitter so I am simply standing back.

Anyhow, this is sort of a random post.. lil of this lil of that. I will write again soon