Friday, February 10, 2012

Life, fitness, bob loblaw update

Funny that I should write this post today, I just read my friends Magda's and hers was all about how she hates Yoga.  I was just about to update how I have been doing Hot Yoga once a week and how much I love it. My fitness regime has picked up for sure, I am doing twice a week at the Gym anywhere from 30-45 min. I think in the last year I have been telling myself that I didn't have enough time, but the reality is there is enough time, 30-45 mins is better than 0 min. I am really enjoying the challenge again. I do have to say though that having had a personal trainer before has its benefits.  I can hear her in my head when doing my workouts pushing me to do another set, another push up 5 more, 1 more min. I wouldn't mind doing some more work with her once the opportunity arises. It would just be nice at least once a month to learn some new stuff.

Otherwise I am learning lots still at my job, It is definitely different than doing Design full time. I get to leave work at work. I was doing some design on the side, in the Mandarin community with a Design friend of mine. That is a line you must be careful with, working with friends and making friends at work and especially with bosses. Joy and I work well together we have an understanding. When it comes to business and issues, it is business, no personal allowed. I am currently dealing with a situation where in business an associate of Joy's is trying to pass the buck, place blame on everyone else, dodge her responsibilities. As a designer and strong personality I am not allowing it. She was emailing and phoning me to get my help to clean up her mess. I am not her babysitter so I am simply standing back.

Anyhow, this is sort of a random post.. lil of this lil of that. I will write again soon



  1. Ha, well in part I hate doing it at home... in a studio it's not so bad... But when you're pinching pennies it's not an option.

    Glad to hear you're working out again, I'm trying to get my ass back into some kind of rhythm... eventually :D.

    grr I hateses that, why can't people just be grown ups and accept responsibility, fix the issue and move on? Just curious is the person doing this Asian? I only ask because after 10 years of leaving there I can tell you that NOT accepting responsibility is a HUGE (and incredibly annoying) aspect of Chinese Culture. It's sorta hard to explain with out writing an epic article about the cultural and attitude differences between western and Chinese Culture. But basically anyone foolish enough to say sorry or admit any fault or responsibility at all .. immediately has all of it piled on them and are usually punished.... so everyone avoids responsibility and accountability like the god damn plague... drives me fucking bananas.
    (whisper chants "cultural differences" and takes a deep breath...)

    By the by.. I'm not suggesting you tolerate or write it off because of a Culture difference, just that you consider that might be where it's coming from, to possibly ease some irritation :D.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH asian ...yes. Makes sense now, both of them are.

    Yeah pinching pennies is an understatment. The only reason I am even going to yoga or the gym is because I paid for yoga back in October and still ridding that coin wave on account and I refuse to drop my gym membership since it will cost me $20 more a month to resign later.


    1. ;) there you go.. a little cultural insight keeps you from pulling out your own hair... (not from wanting to .. just from actually doing it)

      lol... good reasons.. I just try to keep myself in places that I don't need a gym and can run and ride outside :D