Friday, July 17, 2015

Always an Adventure!

So my life is always... always should I state it once more...ALWAYS an Adventure.  I'd like to say I am spontaneous and inert all at the same time. Yes Possible.

Anyhow quick re-cap before all the new news, in 2013 spring I lost it. I fell apart. I was defeated. I was broken. I slipped into a deep depression and had major insomnia and anxiety to name a few. I spent about 4 months in bed, just in bed, sleeping having a tub maybe some food and sleeping again, day in day out.  I don't recall much of this time as it was mostly sleeping. I ask Phil every now and then how we made it, how we got through and neither of us have much recollection of the time.

I ended up finishing my medial EI and starting my design business thinking I was ready, I dove into work and construction with great gusto. I thought I was better and that I would just shake the rest off. Well, as time over that summer passed I dreamt of space, more than my eye could see in the concrete jungle that I was living at the time. So one day I announced to Phil "what do you think of just taking what is in the bank and moving, getting the HELL out of Vancouver and away from this craziness?" very easy response "Sure, where are we going?" after approximately 20 min of naming cities and responding with NOPE, I had an idea "How about Kamloops, we have been there once, and my Uncle lives there?" Phil "Done!" And so within 30 days of that discussion we were packed and moved.

A very emotional move to say the least, I recall refusing to help with the boxes and just crying and letting all that had happened in the 8 years in that apartment just drain out of my tear ducts.  The relationships, the joy, the anger, the fears, the tears, the loneliness, everything that had come and gone in 8 years had to make its way out of me in 4 hours.

Long drive and lots in-between (this is the short version) we live in Kamloops, we get jobs we laugh about how crazy we are for up and moving like that, but the illness I had still hung over my head, I had not yet gained back the confidence I used to have. I still couldn't shake it off as I mentioned before. A year passes and I start to care again, I start to care about how people treat me, how people talk to me and I get angry again.  This is good, I wasn't angry or frankly anything for awhile. I found during depression that is your only feeling and emotion regardless of the situation it was all just too much, overwhelming and underwhelming all at the same time. Any other emotion I may have showed during that time was fake. I was just making nice.

So back to getting anger back, whoa did it come back. I had been working on a course The Artist Way. and I had only completed about 4 weeks  worth when the emotions started coming back.  Needless to say I quit my job that I was taking up space in and started the journey again, had just over two months off on EI, much of that was TV, writing, TV, reflecting, and silence.  My friends would call this time for me hibernating. I do this every now and then and it helps my process. Although it may not look like I am doing much to those very close to me who see me on a regular basis this inactive hibernating really helps.

The end of Feb 2015 comes along and I get a new job for a company selling mattress. I learn lots which is always good for me, I make connections, I learn more about me and come into my own a little bit more.

April came along and Phil proposed, of COURSE I said YES!!

I would say as of right now, right this instant, I am more the real me than ever before, and everyday it gets better. Everyday I move just that much more into myself and my true being.

And by the real me I mean my mindset, away from being fake, away from being in a deep depression,  away from being someone that everyone thinks I should be. Maybe that is age or just enlightenment.

Anyhow after all that updating I am here to say we are moving again. Phil has found an amazing Job in an amazing bakery in a tiny little town named Golden. So off we go, within a two week period yet again. Oh yes, I forgot to mention in all that last year business we moved from a basement suit to an apartment in a 3 week period too.

So we sort, clean, pack and move again.  Although I feel this move is significant, more so than even the one that got us out of Vancouver, this is THE BIG ONE, the one that is setting the stage for the rest of our lives, the rest of my life personally, for Phil and I as a couple, for Phil and I to move forward to create a family.

Anyhow, I am thinking I will work in a retail store again for a bit, part time, I might do my own business again, I feel I would be ready.

As for my physical health it is better than it has been, my mental health is way better than the past 3 years.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I am very excited about introducing you all to my man and my best friend, Phil. 

Phil has set up his own blog and I am very proud and excited to share it all with you.

Phil's Blog

Please have a look, share and follow him on his journey as you have been following mine.

By the way I will be back to blogging soon.