Saturday, September 8, 2012

A pattern in my postings

I posted the other day about a couple things and this morning I was checking my stats, I really enjoy checking to see where in the world people are reading my blog, it is very cool to see Russia and all sorts of places show up on my stats. As I was checking I saw that this past week one post in particular was being read. It was one I did a few years back just after I changed jobs and such. So then I started to read more of my blog, I noticed that I tend to blog in January, March, July, September, October November and December. My biggest month for posting is September.

This makes sense though, My birthday is the end of September and right around middle of August and right though until after my birthday my my body and mind tends to give me little signals, time to change beck, time to look at the bigger picture here!

I really see my Birthday as a start to my new year. This year I get to start again BIG it is a milestone birthday a new decade. It is funny though because when I mention it too people that I will be 30 this year, the people older than me tell me its great (which is what I am thinking) and people younger some seem to be afraid. One of my childhood friends and I chatted since our birthdays are a day apart, I was saying too her I am excited to start fresh I am in a great place in my life and I feel it can only get better, she as scared and didn't seem to be happy about turning 30. It got me to wonder, does she feel like this because she is not happy with where she is in her life? Did she not accomplish what she had set out too do by this time? Or is she not happy because she doesn't know herself and is only basing her life and where she is on the views of society and where it thinks she should be by now?

For me, yeah I am happy with where I am at right now, I have the love of my life, Phil, I have a great job and promising career, (yeah I thought I would be running my own design firm by now but there seems to be another plan at hand for me and I am okay with that) I am not in the physical condition I thought I would be in considering my previous experience with my personal trainer a couple years back but whatever I am doing something about it now. I have a new trainer and he will help me get back on my feet. There will always be things in life to work on and improve, if we are not constantly tyring to improve and move forward than we are standing still waiting for life playing a victim.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting back to the core

So for the past while I have been lacking on the fitness and journaling and reading... really on all of it. Turns out I need those things. I have recently got back into getting into the gym but I am finding that my excesses get in the way of actually getting there sometimes. It comes in waves, I will be really ambitious for about two too three weeks then I stop for a while then back then stop. I ave finally swallowed the big pride pill and contacted a personal trainer again. I really feel that without the kick of the professional I am not really doing myself much good. So I am giving myself a second chance, a chance to get back to my goal weight with a trainer then maintenance. I would like to be a bit more responsible and independent this time with the training though. I want too meet with someone once or twice a month to check in on my success, push me a bit harder and move forward.

It really took a lot this morning to send the email to the trainer, I actually wrote the email then deleted it because a voice in my head (clearly not the good one) said "who are you to ask for help when before you had help and couldn't maintain where she got you?" And I started to doubt myself, I thought your right who am I to go to a trainer and say, I've done this before and I failed what trainer is going to help me then? Then after about 10 min of doubt and self pity I realized the voice who said that is not me, I can ask for help all I want, in fact why not, I clearly need help and I think I am stronger now to admit I need the training help than to continue beating myself up every time I don't train. At least If I am working with a trainer I have someone to go to when I am having trouble pushing myself. No one said I have to accomplish everything on my own. That is selfish and not in the good way.

Some people need help stopping habits, I need help to start them!