Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ahhh I am sorry!!

Okay so I am sorry.. I got caught up in everything and quit posting... BUT.. dont fear I am back.

Things are going well - I am currently making some yummy yummy soup listening to the Canada VS Russia game on tv.. now I am not a huge hockey fan but I am caught up in it being that it is in this city and the downtown is FULL of people cheering and going nuts.

I have been working on my life coach and training still, I have switched to training twice a week, and then every other week we do life coach. There has definitly been some tough times this year already with letting go of old beliefs and making room for new.

I did take a trip to Tofino for the weekend, that was a great - just time away to think and walk the beaches

then off to LA - that was the first trip I have been on that I have not gone to see my parents in 7 years.. Dont get me wrong I LOVE my parents but being in LA walking the streets by myself, taking pictures was the best holiday I have had in a long time.. I packed so much into each day and I was SOOO engergized from everything, I should have been really tired everynight but I just wanted keep going.

The first evening we went to a Edmonton VS LA hockey game -(I know lots of hockey-- weird) that was fun, then friday morning I toured up to the Walt Disney Concert Hall - Designed by Frank O' Gerhy very beautiful piece of architecture!! meandered inside and after about and hour of self touring one of the guides asked me if i had paid to be there and advised me to sign in and pay .. since i was pretty much done... i calmly walked passed the security and left... haha suckers!

I went back to the hotel and met with Samatha (we were traveling together and shared a room she had to work tho) and I took off to Santa Monica with two of Sams co -workers, Tanis and Susan. we had a great day I LOVE SANTA MONICA!! the beach the pier the colors everything.

MMm I am going to eat dinner and contiue this in a bit.. i am sure its getting long to read anyhow.