Saturday, September 12, 2009

Divine Guidance


I have this great new revolving calender, it has no day of the week on it just the date so I can re-use it every year and it is all quotes from D. Wayne Dyer. LOVE IT it makes each morning a lil reminder...

so I have been working on stuff - doing alright, I need to be putting a bit more effort into this running deal, I really say I take it seriously but have been feeling like I am lying a bit.. its like on some things I go forward all the time and some I go back..

I have been doing boot camp though, the last time was Tuesday, Wednesday was life coach,, good session! I have been that I can no longer be telling everyone to F*ck off... COME ON... I know its cause I don't need to be burning bridges all around me and having everyone think I am a horrible person....

I was at the Western Living Designer of the Year Awards on Thursday, very fun, first when I went to go get changed to go I discovered none of my pants fit- now this is a good thing, ,, but when you only have 2 min to find pants and NOTHING will stay on your hips... you start to curse a little... needless to say I ended up rocking a grey skirt and tall black boots with my blue top it all worked out...

oh yeah the other thing I learned is that with all the weight loss, I am in a new weight class for having some drinks... yeah couple of glasses of wine, one beer and one caesar - oh and maybe a shot but over the course of 6 hours... I know I know all the mixing but seriously I was always the person who did a shot with every drink just to keep up to people - and I woke up on Friday with an ugly hangover... wTF. lesson learnt!

Last night went to a BBQ for a friends birthday, fun fun, I was tested again by the universe, an individual from my work, who has been pushing up on me, txt me last night and wanted to know if I was still at my friends - my first beer induced thought was mmmmmm maybe... my reality thought was NONONONONONONONO so I txt back and said I was already leaving and headed home - g-night... GOOD GIRL bad that I txt back but at least I stopped it there.

tonight tonight is going to be the most fun!! I accidentally double booked myself again to be at 2 places at the same time - again one in Vancouver and one way way out there - did it the time I was supposed to be at Dees to see Magda and booked a book club meeting at my place the same day. SO tonight I am supposed to be out in New west for my good friend shayla's birthday but realized I booked all these plans to go out with Jade and group - i booked it - to see a blues band play at main st. so unfortunately because New west is not in reach for me and i don't have a car and i don't have a place to stay - its going to have to be another time for me to be out in NW. So tonight its blues night with jade and Stephanie and hopefully Todd.

I will take my camera so I can get some shots of the evenings events.

look forward to another HRM update - i plan to run today.

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