Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The run - the finish - the results - the recovery

Okay so it has definitely been a while since i last posted, i think being busy and recovering has just been enough to fill each day.

As you know i did my very first 10k it was AMAZING!! I completed it in 1 hour 5 min. I am so proud of myself for doing it and completing the whole thing running! I far surpassed my January goal of being able to run for 45 min on the sea wall. In fact I have surpassed a couple of my goals, my fitness goal is well on its way.

But i am feeling a need for a bit of a change, of coarse after my run i didn't slow down, i went to boot camp on the Tuesday and training on the Wednesday, which resulted in me missing a day of work on Thursday to recover, this was the start of the changes. its like the run broke me and now things are going to change. First i finally got my raise on Friday ! WHoop!

Some one also mentioned to me that i have spent a lot of money on my new body and should be showing it off...very true.. so this has got me thinking also, yesterday i wore a cute little hat, and a nice belt around my waist, and let me tell you anyone who has experienced any weight issues or confidence issues would never ever be putting a big o'l belt in the area which you constantly are trying to hide. so that was a big step for me,and i am getting used to this shinny new body, i think this is the first time EVER i actually feel delicate and petite.

anyhow so i am thinking about a couple of changes in my current routine, i would like to spend a bit more time on my mental health and spiritual health and swing the pendulum back a bit. i am so happy with the results of my physical health and want to continue to shape and loose, but i would also like to spend a bit of time with my camera and my paints and my books. I think i got really got excited about my physical changes and pushed the pendulum a bit far to that side, i forgot to check in with myself on where i was at with energy levels and mental state.

anyhow, i will keep you updated on where things are at.


  1. you know it's probably easy to let the creative side slip.. because it's part of your work :) but photography is super fun.. this reminds me I need to get out and play more myself :)

  2. I'm so proud of you wearing a BELT!!! I totally have been there and get the mentality.