Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yay!!! Happy New Year

YAY Happy 2011!! Bring IT!!!

I am so very excited about 2011, this year is going to be AMAZING!! I have started it off with a bang, and I intend to continue this momentum. My application to write my exam to become a Registerd Interior Designer has been accepted, I am at my new job and my 3 months probation period is just about here. This new years, I was able to spend it in doors, sober, with my love! It has been a great start.

will be blogging lots more, deleted my FB page, thats why you cannot find me I just really want face to face human interactions vs facebook to facebook, I have some people overseas but those who want to contact me find other ways, phone, email or surpise visits to my door :)

Lets show 2011 how we do!!

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