Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New day new way

I am very excited, today I start my NEW job in sales! I will be learning about lighting and plumbing fixtures! I know this is not very exciting to most but for me... to learn new things everyday is wicked.

.... I have been off work for about two weeks now and I am definitely ready to get back to it. I have been cleaning and reading tons during my time off. I have been reading this great book called _ Now Find your Strengths. Its great, you read all about these interviews that these guys did with 2 million people who are excelling in their jobs, then they took this information and created common threads... 34 patterns actually. So its based on the science that when we are born we have many strengths and talents, by the time we are 3 years old, the strongest thread have been developed and those are our strength they hold strong through our lives. Actually it turns out our brains get smaller as we get older .. also when we get smarter our brains shrink too. HUH

So once you get through the first 3 chapters of the book and learn the differences between Talents, Strengths, skill and knowledge you take this online test.. it takes about 40 min and it gives you a series of A and B questions with how you respond the exam tells you your top 5 strengths, then you can go ahead and continue reading the book to see what they mean.... It has been amazing to learn why it is I do some of the things I do....

Like for example as ironic as it is that I have pretty much always been disorganized ( which has always driven me crazy but I never did organize) is the opposite of my top strength.. which is called Strategic.. its that I actually have a natural talent to take disorganization, clutter and chaos and find many ways and solutions to organize it... hence why I have (for as long as I can remember sorted my coins.. and pens.. and odd things) So for the last couple of days since I have had the time I have been using that talent to actually organize my life.. it finally feels right in my house.

There are two others, once is Achiever.. which is basically that everyday starts at 0 for me.. and throughout the day I need to achieve things in order to feel good at the end of the day. otherwise (so true) I get really disappointed and down on myself.. this is great... and there is a catch.. which is also true,, that everyday I also feel that I have only accomplished about 75% of what I feel I can do because in my mind there is always more even if I have literally filled every min of my day I will still feel there is more...

then I have INPUT... this is the fact that I collect and keep things... things that interest me.. books, coins, pens, things, knowledge.. and I keep them... Its a great thing because with learning new things and reading books is one of my things to collect so I am on a constant hunt for new knowledge.. then you put achiever in there with it and it keeps me going to find new and get new.. then you throw Strategic in there and that's where I can drive myself nuts... to organize and sort all of these THINGS I constantly collect... oi

If you have read the book I am also WOO and empathy..

I would strongly suggest reading this book and doing the test!

let me know I would be interested to find out what others are!


  1. Sounds cool.. can you find it on Amazon and send me the link? :)