Sunday, August 9, 2009

As Promised...

Okay, so as mentioned in my last post, I was on my way to a "come on Barbie lets go party" - party, the events which unfolded from this only go to prove to me that I should be trusting and believing in the ways of the universe. Now I know this may seem odd but for me it was really clear.

Lets start at the beginning. I was to go to the party dressed as 70's Barbie, so Friday night off I go, I have my whole costume. The evening is going well meeting lots of people, lots of laughs. My blond wig was a big hit since 90% of the guest thought it was my natural hair. As you can see in the photo here with Skipper and Career Barbie.

So when it was brought up that we were going to Doolins, I figured since nobody recognized me and my wig look pretty convincing that I would play it up as a different person that night. We headed out to only find out that a whole bunch of dressed up ladies - one even being in only a bikini and grass skirt - still had to wait in line.

So as we are waiting in line, Cougar Barbie (lol) meets these guys in line, a lovely couple of Icelandic men - love to tell you the names but still cannot pronounce them. So the evening goes on, people are reacting quite well to the Blond hippie, in fact so well that I ended up chatting it up with one of the very very nice men from Iceland. (BTW he didn't seem to care that I was dressed like a 70's Barbie and didn't mind finding out that I was wearing a wig)

..........details that your welcome to call me on but do not need to be posted on the Internet..............

Skip to Saturday morning, I am supposed to be doing some stuff for my work, going to a site and checking on the contractors to make sure they are okay and pick up the keys, I was supposed to do this between 10:00-12:00.

My phone rang about 6 times I, for reasons not mentioned above, I refused to leave my situation to be responsible and answer my phone and do my site visit.

So at 1:00pm Saturday, I am finally able to face my responsibility's of work and check my phone messages, Seems they figured it out themselves and had arranged to let another contractor take the keys until I got there. So 2 hours later than I told them, I went to the site which led me to run into the Client. Now this is where my trust in the way the Universe works comes in. The client seemed very happy to see there were contractors working on His place on the weekend and even happier to see that there was an employee who was checking on them to ensure the proper quality he was expecting. This which will lead to a happy client and from there many other positive things will happen.

Let me just run through this length of events the way I see it.
if i hadn't checked about the Party - I would have missed it - since I did - it led me to purchase a Blond wig, which led me to the party dressed like a hippie - which created a positive enough response that trusted to go out to a pub dressed like a hippie - which led me to meet Mr Iceland- which led to skipping all my morning responsibilities - which led to arriving at the site 4 hours later than originally thought - which led to me running into the client.

Coincidence - NO. Trusting the universe that this even as crazy and odd as it played out is exactly as it was supposed to happen - YES.

Needless to say, I will be letting things unfold as they are meant to be regardless of how crazy and possibly out of place they may seem at that moment because the reality is that these events have been played out by the universe to bring me exactly to the places I am supposed to be.

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