Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I found out today I am supposed to be going to a birthday party tomorrow night - the theme - "Come on Barbie lets go Party "- Party. We are dressing up like all different Barbie's. So in a bit of a panic I started looking for images that I could use to inspire my costume, I finaly just went to Party Bazar - costume place for those who do not know - got my bouncy blond wig and peace sign necklace and earrings and off to Winners to see what I could find. AMAZING it was like 1970 hit winners last night I found a wicked flowy colourful top - $10, Levis super light flair jeans - $11 and a hot pink purse with a big o' glitter studded peace sign on it (so not 70's I know but come on its so cute) $20

So I came home and checked to see what else I could do, well I happen to have this wicked vest which I call my rock star vest, "dirty light" leather vest with big fur collar and lining, I added a 2" ribbin around my blond wig and ta daaa - I look like 70's Barbie!! I forgot to mention my $11 Levi Jeans make my ass look like a gold mine!! Not kidding.

So I understand the plan is drinks and snacks at Nicoles and if things get out of hand - by experiance they will - we will end up going out to a pub DT called Doolins, I guess this is where all the guys from the World Police and Fire Games will be..... not going to say no to that one...

I will make sure to take lots of pictures and let you know how things go!!

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