Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I have decided to write a blog, my friend Magda has one, her sister Dee, and their mom all have blogs. Dee was the one that really set this in motion, we had a great chat over some Blueberry wine one night and I have been thinking about it since. I normanly journal but I thought what the heck might as well share what I am experiancing in my life and see who shares this with me.

So here it is! I would like to start off by letting you know where I am at right now, I have been working with my Life Coach for the past six months and feel I have been making tons of progress, she is actually my Personal Trainer as well and an amazing person! We have ended up being great friends, which is the best kind of Coach anyhow. Two times a month I meet with Jade for Life Coach and two times a month we meet for Training. As it turns out I have been dropping weight like crazy, the more I work on myself, enlightenment and awakening, the more weight I loose, then I get to tone up with Jade when we train. It has been wonderful. From day one with Jade I have been given books and homework for my Life Coach, first was Turn it Up! By Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, amazing book, took a bit to read since it was my first book, then Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, By Steven Covey, again amazing book, this one I read very quickly. Third was Awaken the Giant Within, By Anthony Robbins, this was a bit bigger of a book, what an amazing writer.

The most recently read was You'll See It When You Believe It, By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, this one has had a major affect on me. The last chapter of the book is all about forgivness, it reminds us that holding that hatred and anger towards people is not doing us any good, and in fact it doesn't matter how angry we get or how much we hate someone, they are not going to change, because they are just that way, and nothing we do will change that. The entire book is about how we are all connected, and things such as conicidence and luck do not exsist, it is all supposed to happen that way, and by sending out thoughts we create these moments and they happen because they are supposed to.

So as I read this chapter there was one particular individual that kept creeping in my mind (JH), a long time friend who wronged me and my family. I was crushed at the time and held a lot of anger for a long time but once reading the book and really being touched by the forgivness chapter I felt it was time to forgive them since being angry wasn't doing me any good. I finished the book and the Forgivness chapter just yesterday morning. When I got home (from holidays) I checked my email, not having been able to for a few days, and there it was... an email from JH, first thought... mmm this is suppose to happen.. it expressed that He had been on facebook and had run into my profile and felt that it was too much of a conicidence not to write and email. This is how the emails went...

"I landed on your page by sheer luck while trying to link to someone else's profile ( you must have been tagged in the photo), and I thought it was far to odd of a coincidence to not drop you a line of some sort.Frankly, I am not exactly sure what to put in the aforementioned 'line', except that, at least in your pictures (which I admit to totally looking at), you look blissfully happy... and I am whole heartedly happy for that. I really truly hope you are doing wonderful, and should you wish to send me a note back, that would be awesome... if not, I totally understand.Miss your smile, and again - I am glad to see your smile is just as jubilant. (as you can see - my spelling hasn't gotten any better).Best thoughts "

my response was this..

"I wouldn't say luck as much as fate, I was thinking of you today and feeling as I should contact you soon. I must be honest I have checked your profile from time to time to just to see where you are at, congratulations on your engagement! that is wonderful for you. I did receive your message a few years back after I graduated, I am sure you could understand I was not in a place to repsond.I have been working with my trainer and life coach in the last six months and it has really turned my life around. I would like to say that as much hurt and pain I felt towards you, I cannot hold onto that any longer, it does me no good. I would like to propose we meet for coffee, I know what is done is done and we cannot go back to where we were but I want you to know that I the friend I had I miss. I can also understand if you wish not to meet, maybe at a later time. I send you love."

and in return..

"First and foremost, I'll have you know that you just made me cry in the middle of my gamedesign class. It was fairly difficult to explain. (smiles)I would very much like to meet up, whenever/wherever you like. I wasn't actually sure if you were still in Vancouver or not, as I thought I saw you a number of times, most recently being on the padio of ... umm... (the name is eluding me right now). But I only catch you as an afterthought, and I am usually on the bus or driving so I never know for sure. I would like to add so much more, but I think it is better off in person. Anyways - let me know, and i'll be all over it."

Wow, I am feeling very good about this decision to forgive. I will let you know how coffee goes, and as the Life Coach contiues so does my journey....


  1. First, let me say how honoured I am to be mentioned in your first post!

    Second, WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Glad you are here!

    I loved loved LOVED our quiet time together and really felt a connection with you, Bex. Maybe it's because of our shared people. Maybe it's because of our shared psyche. Maybe it's because of the shared wine. I dunno, but I liked it!

    I am your first official follower, and am intrigued and anticipating your future posts.

    Congratulations on a HUGE step in your journey, with JH. You are ten feet tall, baby!

  2. BTW: I would beware letting too many people in your real life know of this blog. For it to remain your personal private thoughts, a bit of anonymity is important. I have run into hurt feelings and such with my real life friends over my personal thoughts in my journey. It sucks, and I do wish I had not told them about my blog.

    By real life, I mean the ones I'm in contact with every day. I wish I had the freedom to blurt out when I'm pissed at someone, or hurt, without them knowing. I hate that I have to hold back a degree on my own personal journal.

    One day I'm going to figure out how to move it and not let them know...

  3. I stand by keeping the blog public and locking the posts you don't want read, I have a few that there is no password.. no way in.. and some only a few people get the password to.. But that's my way to deal with it.

    YAY becky has a blog.. goodie gum drops! Now, hopefully you will keep at it and I won't feel like Becky has disapeared so often :P

    May I make a suggestion? When blogging it makes it a lot easier on the eye, and more readable if you break your post up into smaller paragraphs and leave a full line between each paragraph. Someone pointed it out to me and I'm just passing the wisdom on.

    yay hugs!

    ps i miss you already damn it!

  4. @ Dee, Thank you for the push to get me here! I also really enjoyed the time we got together. Thanks for the tip on the friends thing, I know that if someone pisses me off they will know long before it is ever posted...

    @ Magda, I miss you too!! And thank you for the tip on the paragraphs, I actually didnt expect to write that much this morning, I guess I needed to get it out.!!

    PS I am still working on my gossip part of the deal...

  5. "Thanks for the tip on the friends thing, I know that if someone pisses me off they will know long before it is ever posted... "

    I get that... I'm talking about the little things that are not worth bringing up because they are petty. Or is it just me that has petty little fissures?? LOL Most things I dont' talk to people about, because it's just not worth it/big enough to make an issue out of. It's those things that make me wish sometimes that my blog was only in virtual land and not IRL.

  6. yeah I can see that, I was just thinking the same thing the other day while posting..

  7. what I've found is you either have to edit your self... or don't worry about it.. i try to walk a line somewhere inbetween which works for my personality but it's too much work for some

  8. Yeah I find that this place is for sharing what needs to be shared and if I really need to let it out a pen and paper journal works best. It allows for my hearts truth to come out (ugly or not)

    you two are awsome.. I could care less if any body else in the world reads my blog cause the two of you are spectacular!!! lOVes to MAgda and DEE