Friday, March 16, 2012


It has been a GREAT DAY!!!!! My Boyfriend (more serious than that he is my MAN life partner mastermind alliance) anyhow, My man just finished his schooling for Baking and he has been getting opportunities thrown at him today it is great SO PROUD. Aside from that the sun was shining and things are just looking really good for us right now. Which brings me to my post title, being AWESOME, I was reminded today again how important it is to have a partner that is right for you, Phil and I are without a doubt meant to be together, our core beliefs about a partnership and careers are very similar. We are equals in our partnership, all responsibilities are shared, money earned is ours and our careers are our own, we have a like for each others friends but in only some cases are we friends with each others friends. We support each other in what we strive for.

It makes for a much easier life having a partner who will support you in your life personally and professionally For example Phil is a baker, this calls for graveyard or early morning work hours, I am an interior designer and this calls for long hours some times and travel. We work with these realities.

It reminds me a book I really love and we both follow to our best ability - the four agreements

1.Be impeccable with your word
2.Never assume
3.Don't take it personally
4.Always do your best

It works - be AWESOME with everything you do, be awesome in your relationships be awesome with your self be awesome in your career - Trust.

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  1. See but you had an unfair advantage by starting out awesome :D lol. Glad you and Phil are happy :D