Monday, September 6, 2010


So this long weekend has been a good one, I have been working on what I posted about last, Intention. What is the energy I am putting behind what I say and do and think. I had not been in contact with Chad for most of the summer, and I had gone on a couple of dates with other people. I came to the realization that these other people I had been meeting just were not doing it for me. Once you learn something its amazing because you cannot un-learn it. Chad and I have a unexplainable connection... its sick. right from the first time we talked and more so the first time we met.

So when I started to meet other people and this connection just was NOT there, I started to think about Chad again. Really looking at what I wanted. I started to talk to him again on the phone, and on Friday we met.. its taken me a bit to get there, I realized that if I am going to put ANY energy into a relationship with anyone, it will be with the person I really like and have this connection with. Its been an amazing weekend. I am so much more relaxed this time, as my good friends would say HOLLA, TRUST, SNAP!

It really does NOT matter what others have to say about what I do, or what I feel what they think of me .. I have to follow what I want. No exceptions.

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